Why Keith Simmons?

Born and raised in Calgary and a father of three, I’ve spent my adult life creating solutions and advocating for people in the workplace, sport organizations and the community. As a community leader for a number of years, I’ve been disappointed by the lack of connectedness between the needs of Calgarians and the actions of City Hall. This divide needs to close; local government needs to be accountable to the local people. I’m stepping forward to represent the needs of the people of Ward 11 at City Hall – together we can close the gap.

About Keith Simmons

Throughout my life I’ve had the good fortune and opportunity to find solutions and advocate for change in the communities I’ve been involved with.

As an athlete, I’ve achieved success in Canada and North America, and represented Canada in competition overseas. I began coaching locally while competing; when my performance began to falter I focused my efforts on coaching and in due course became Head Coach for the Canadian Natural Luge Team. Coaching at higher levels required regular political and bureaucratic interactions, in that time I earned my stripes as an International Official (worked the Calgary ’88 games!). My sport career amounted to being voted to 2 terms in the Natural Luge Sport Commission of the FIL (International Luge Federation).

As an employee, the opportunity to understand the inner workings of the companies I’ve been employed by have provided me a great depth of experience. I’ve worked in production roles, supervisory positions, and production administration. An ISO 9001 quality assurance role aligned production pride with company direction. These skills and relationships later led me to a role as an Enterprise Resource Planning Analyst. When that project came to an end – I made the leap and went into business.

I’ve been self-employed since 2000 and my dedication to practical and innovative solutions have given my clients cost-effective ways to best serve their own clients with no-nonsense approaches that work.

An additional benefit to being self-employed has been the ability to balance the needs of my family as well as having the flexibility to be involved with the community.

While President of the Acadia Community Association, we’d struggled with trying to get traffic slowed in the community, a problem that still plagues Acadia and most communities in Calgary. These efforts have lead to being a member/contributor of Vision Zero Calgary, as well as supporting the efforts of Sustainable Calgary and Safer Calgary. Senior Issues and Food Issues are also prevalent in our part of the city and I continue to spearhead efforts with Calgary Food Bank and other groups to ensure people don’t get left behind. Outside of community work, I enjoy judging and volunteering for Alberta Beer Festivals.

It was as a community leader, that I was continually frustrated by the bureaucracy and disenfranchisement that arises when interacting with City Hall. The community of Calgary seems to have eroded over the years to a point where a great number of Calgarians feel they no longer have any say in how the city is run. That doesn’t need to be, over the years I’ve been able to forge relationships within the City to try and remedy the issues posed in the community, but there is still a lot of work to do. The only way we’ll be able to make headway on the concerns we’re faced with is to speak with a common voice and have meaningful conversations where the resource exist.


My hope is to gain your trust and support to speak with the voice of the communities of Ward 11, so we can affect the changes we need for Ward 11 and for Calgary.

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